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cuztomized athletic lockers for spare wheelchair wheelsA wheelchair basketball team’s lockers weren’t serving the needs of the team properly. The locker rooms weren’t designed to be handicap accessible at all for an entire team, and the men’s and women’s teams were left to adapt to the best of their ability. That is, until customized athletic lockers were installed to create accessible storage for the wheelchair basketball teams. Read on to find out how. (See more athletic storage solutions)

Creating An Open Accessible Locker Room

One of the biggest issues for the old locker room is that the lockers weren’t efficiently storing their necessary gear. Since the athletes couldn’t use the full length of the locker, the bottoms were always packed with uniforms, gear, and wheels (each player has an extra set of wheels for their basketball and day chairs). The team coach wanted them to be able to access the entire space of the locker from their wheelchairs, and additionally wanted a specified area for spare wheel storage that wasn’t within the locker itself.

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accessible storage lockers for wheelchair basketball team

The solution began with standard personal storage lockers, which were minimized to be 46″ tall. This left enough space to construct a custom rack for the extra wheels that was still accessible from a wheelchair. The locker body also contained a configurable section with hooks that allowed players to hang towels, clothes, and other items. Locking cubby space is also available for personal items.

With any wheelchair storage solution, the biggest issue is space. The customized athletic lockers were not only able to save space, but they were also an organized, attractive, functional, and very accessible solution for the team to use. Now it’s easy for the team to move around, and there’s plenty of space for all of their personal items and equipment. The space for the wheels in particular has proved to be a unique and invaluable solution.

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