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rolling golf bag & club storage shelving racksGolf is becoming and increasingly popular sport, and golfing equipment is consequently becoming more difficult to store, especially since an ever-growing number of golf club members are storing their clubs at a primary course. Many golf clubs are experiencing or beginning to experience a shortage of proper storage space for equipment. Rolling golf bag and club storage shelving racks and athletic equipment shelves with specialized dividers are one way to maximize your existing space and improve storage efficiency. Click here to see all of our athletic equipment shelves and storage systems.

Four-Post High Density Shelving with Dividers

The rolling golf bag and golf club storage shelving racks compact together to eliminate the need for access aisles between rows of shelving. Each row can be accessed with the turn of a three-spoke ergonomic hand crank or with the push of a button. This keeps golf bags and clubs securely stored in the least amount of space possible while still remaining completely accessible to golf club members. New or existing four-post shelving can be mounted on the tracks to save on costs. (read more about high density storage systems)athletic equipment shelves racks

Specialized golf bag dividers are becoming very common in golf bag storage and can be used on rolling golf bag and club storage shelving and four-post shelves. Dividers are available in three different lengths: 12″, 17″, and 20″.

The four-post shelving with specialized metal dividers facilitates easy and organized storage of heavy and bulky golf bags and keeps them in an upright and stable position. Just one 42″ shelf range can store up to eight bags from top to bottom. When installed on a high density storage system, you can even further increase the space available for golf bag storage.

The high density mobile shelving and four-post shelving with metal dividers has also been utilized for various other applications on athletic equipment shelves, including hockey sticks and skis.

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