New Athletic Center for University Football Team

rolling high density shelving for football team storage in the new athletic center A large university remodeled and expanded its athletic center and used two rolling high density shelving systems to improve storage in the football equipment room. The high density systems store almost all of the football team’s practice and game gear. And the space savings allowed for more room to expand coach’s offices, the weight room, and locker rooms. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Problems the Team Had with Gear and Equipment Storage

For many years, equipment managers were running out of space. In addition to saving space, the managers wanted a better solution for organization and accessibility since the department gets as many as 20 requests a day for athletic gear. So when the university remodeled, the equipment managers recommended using rolling high density shelving to alleviate space constraints and improve organization.

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Rolling High Density Shelving Gets the Team Organized in Less Space

One rolling high density shelving system stores the team’s entire inventory of athletic shoes, including practice and game shoes. Boxes are organized by type and size and stacked on top of four-post open shelving. The high density system also includes hanging storage for jerseys, coach jackets and cold weather gear.

football helmets stored on rolling high density shelvingThe second rolling high density shelving system was designed to provide organized, secure storage for most of the team apparel and gear. The system uses bin compartments to keep items neatly stacked and organized. Stored items include helmets, sweats, shirts, girdles, hats, gloves, socks and other accessories. Gear and equipment is organized by type, and bins keep clothing from toppling over.

Rolling High Density Shelving Also Helps with Inventory Management

Organization also helps with inventory management and reorders. With quick visual inspections and easy recognition of low inventory items, reorders are done in a timely manner. And items can be unpacked as they come in since everything has an assigned space within the rolling high density shelving system.

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