A Better Solution for the School’s Athletic Equipment Storage Room

The decision-makers at Corbett Junior High School in Schertz, TX decided they had enough with the disorganization in their athletic equipment storage room. For the new school being built, they sought out a better solution to handle the complexities that plague athletics storage. They also need to combat space restrictions and a tight budget. To get organized and gain much needed flexibility, Southwest Solutions Group’s San Antonio team outfitted the school with a new compact mobile storage shelving system. The compact mobile storage shelving was able to meet all of the school’s athletic equipment storage needs. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

compact mobile storage shelving for the school's athletic equipment storage room

The Compact Mobile Storage Shelving’s Special Feature

The wheels of the compact mobile storage shelving ride on a simple, low-profile rail system that rests directly on the existing floor. That means getting equipment carts in and out of the system is a snap because there is no raised floor and ramp to get into the shelving. There are also no worries about tripping over rails. Best of all, the low profile rails save on costs by eliminating the need for a sub-floor.

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Compact Mobile Storage Shelving Offers Ample Storage Capacity & Flexibility

compact mobile storage shelving has a specialized end panel designThere’s ample storage capacity in the compact mobile storage shelving. On any given day, gear can be found in minutes – if not faster in athletic equipment storage room. Jerseys and other garments are as fresh (and reusable) as the day they were washed and put away. Equipment managers say they greatly appreciate the system’s modularity so they can easily and quickly switch out components from one system to another and/or shrink and expand it in the future, helping to further conserve funds. All that, plus team spirit thanks to a custom finish on the end panels of the compact mobile storage shelving that proudly displays the school colors and its bold Mustang emblem.

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View our case studies to get all the details about this project and learn more about other school athletic departments that have been helped with compact mobile storage shelving systems. If you want to speak with the specialist in your area about compact mobile storage shelving for your school’s athletic equipment storage room, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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