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CSI 12 55 86 Detention Dispatch Furniture

csi specification 12 55 86 detention control room furnitureCSI specification 12 55 86 detention control room dispatch furniture for prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities provide an extremely adaptable and durable console furniture solution. The dispatch furniture is specifically designed for technology-intensive environments and promote user comfort with easy sitting or standing adjustment. Click here to watch a video.

Control Room Furniture for Prisons

The CSI specification 12 55 86 detention control room dispatch furniture is available in three configurations: linear, single corner lift, and dual corner lift with the ability to be combined depending on your space and technological requirements. Multiple different sizes are available depending on your needs. These console furniture solutions provide ergonomics, comfort, and user-friendliness to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. All consoles are modular, so it's easy to expand or reconfigure the furniture at any time if your needs change. With every configuration available in multiple different sizes, you can be sure to find the right console dispatch furniture that will work best for your operations.

Dispatch Furniture Features

The detention control room dispatch furniture consoles have many additional features, including:

detention control room dispatch furniture for prisons

  • Height adjustment: Promote workplace wellness by enabling users to change their working positions to fit their personal needs. Dispatch furniture can be adjusted for seated or standing positions. Work surfaces available in single or dual lift options.
  • Multiple monitor display options: The consoles are ideal for any number and size of monitors. Quick and easy movement of the monitor arms allow users to adjust the monitors to their specific ergonomically appropriate positions.
  • Advanced power and data integration with multiple electrical and data box mounting options
  • Equipment storage for protection of CPU's and other electronics. Electronic equipment is protected, secured, and easily accessible with multiple configurable storage options that can accommodate a wide variety of sizes, quantities, and types of technology.
  • Cable management that allows for multiple mounting options for electrical and data boxes and easy cable access.
  • Customization options: The consoles can be mixed, matched, and reconfigured at any time depending on your specific needs.

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