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Last updated: July 14, 2017

reducing energy costs in refrigerated warehouses

directional fans for cold storage energy efficiency savings in refrigerated warehousesIf energy efficiency is a challenge for regular warehouses, then it's an even bigger obstacle for refrigerated warehouses. In cold storage, statistics show warehouses use about 40 percent more energy than they should--but how can you lower energy costs in a building where it's imperative to keep it at a certain environment? Cold storage energy efficiency savings in refrigerated warehouses is possible with large diameter fans and 7' directional fans that provide more efficient cooling and humidity reduction.

fans provide cooling & humidity reduction

Warm air and moisture that infiltrates refrigerated warehouses from open doors and docks can be one of the biggest factors in energy waste due to the disruption of the warehouse's environment and the subsequent extra cooling needed to keep the warehouse at its desired temperatures. When there's humidity in refrigerated warehouses, you also run the risk of equipment failure, especially in automated buildings that are intolerant of frost or moisture. Keeping a desirable temperature is also extremely important for the food industry to comply with food safety regulations.

Large diameter fans are more energy efficient than smaller, high-speed fans--in fact, just one fan does the same job with less energy as several smaller high velocity fans. The fans also reduce humidity and condensation and help to keep floors and equipment dry. Large diameter fans come in multiple sizes from 8' to 24' in diameter and are easily linked with multiple fans and existing HVAC systems.

large diameter fans provide cold storage energy efficiency savings in refrigerated warehouses

For smaller areas, the 7 foot directional fan. Just one of these fans can replace eight 36" basket fans and uses just half the power during operation. The directional fans have adjustable air foils that can push air in one or two directions. For one-directional use, airflow can reach up to 200ft, and can reach 100ft on either side for two-directional setup. The fans can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a steel post or building column. These fans are ideal for cooling and drying high rack aisles.

Both of these types of fans can easily be installed in different areas of your refrigerated warehouse depending on your specific cooling and drying needs.

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