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Last updated: October 12, 2018

CSI 11 53 23 Laboratory Refrigerators

csi 11 53 23 laboratory refrigerators carouselsCSI 11 53 23 laboratory refrigerators are available as space-saving and efficient refrigerated vertical carousels that organizes and secures sensitive temperature-controlled items while providing enhanced ergonomics and space savings in your laboratory. The innovative and compact design of the vertical carousels ensures the maximum amount of storage density in the least amount of space required while still remaining accessible to users. Click here to watch a video about vertical carousels.

Refrigerated Vertical Carousels as Laboratory Refrigerators

What are the advantages of refrigerated vertical carousels over conventional laboratory refrigerators? The refrigerated vertical carousels offer the same space and efficiency savings as regular vertical carousels, but are specially designed for the storage of lab materials and temperature-sensitive items. Many different types of labs have installed refrigerated vertical carousels for storing materials such as biopsy slides, tissue blocks, reagents, and more. In a typical lab, these same materials are stored in drawers and racks that take up an unnecessary amount of floor space. However, the refrigerated vertical carousels don't require aisles and, since they store all materials in one convenient location, provide an efficient way for users to quickly find what they need without searching through aisles and rows of shelving. Some laboratories have experienced an 80% reduction in floor space usage after replacing conventional laboratory refrigerators with refrigerated vertical carousels. It also prevents users from having to bend and reach for potentially heavy items.

refrigerated vertical carousels for laboratories & healthcare

For even more efficiency, the refrigerated vertical carousels can also be integrated with inventory management technology. This makes it much easier for laboratories to order, store, and retrieve items, since the inventory keeps track of all items at all times, and prevents the need for emergency orders and stock outs. The refrigerated vertical carousels combined with inventory management also automatically rotates stock, preventing stored items from not being used before their expiration date. This also reduces the number of people and time required spend ordering supplies and restocking the system. The carousels can also be configured for two-story operations to prevent users from having to walk up and down stairs to retrieve stored materials.

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