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Last updated: July 09, 2019

High Density Solutions for Museums

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A new museum was only allocated a small space for storage. Since the museum was new, they weren’t sure how their collection would grow over the years. These two hurdles prompted the curator to look for the most efficient storage solution that would save space now, but still offer storage capacity in the future. High density mobile shelving met all the museum’s requirements. Because the high density mobile shelving eliminated the space between aisles, it essentially doubled the museum’s storage capacity. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

museum stores middle eastern artifacts in high density mobile shelving

Challenges the Museum Faces with Artifact Storage

The new museum’s artifact collection is the first of its kind to showcase the culture of one of the largest Middle-Eastern populations in the country. When designing the 38,500 square-foot building exhibits, educational classrooms, and public programming space took precedence. And only a limited amount of space was allotted for collection storage.

This presented the challenge of how to accommodate the diverse range of artifacts: art and papers; an extensive collection of textiles; jewelry; ethnographic materials; and everyday artifacts of life. And while the museum was excited about starting fresh with the collection, they were worried about creating storage space for artifacts they would acquire in the future.

High Density Mobile Shelving Doubles Storage Capacity

When the curator discovered high density mobile shelving, she knew it was the right storage system because it could essentially double the museum's space for artifact storage, while providing flexibility for the future.
The high density mobile shelving was customized to store all the different types of artifacts:

  • hanging rods for clothing such as robes
  • drawers for smaller items
  • adjustable shelving for a diversity of artifacts
  • large drawers for movie posters, scripts and oversized
  • art racks for framed paintings
  • shelves for rolled textiles

high density mobile shelving storing museum framed art and rolled textilesThe high density mobile shelving, which is located on the lowest level of the museum, was designed to accommodate two-and-a-half to three years of collection growth, with the flexibility to move or add shelves or drawers as needs change. According to the museum’s curator, the ability to double their storage capacity in the small space with the high density mobile shelving was invaluable.

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