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Last updated: July 09, 2019

Museum Optimizes Space with Mobile System

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A New Mexico museum ran out of storage space for its collection of Native American and Southwestern artifacts. The museum also needed more space for storing the museum store’s merchandise inventory. To solve these problems, the museum installed a mechanical assist mobile system for storing artifacts and retail merchandise. The mobile system quadrupled the museum’s storage capacity and there was extra space left over to add more work areas.

mobile system at the museum optimizes storage space and increases capacity

Storage Space Problems the Museum Experienced

The museum, which is open year-round, provides an important historical perspective of the Southwest and houses a valuable collection of over 4,000 historical artifacts of Native American culture and the West.

Also, the museum expanded its retail space in the shop. But with the rapid growth in the number of retail items sold, the shop ran out of space to store inventory and started using space in the archive area.

The mobile system was the right choice for the museum because it could be designed with the most ideal types of shelving and cabinets to suit the items being stored while maximizing space.

The Mobile System is Designed with Shelving for Each Type of Artifact

The number one concern for the museum was preservation of the artifacts within the mobile system. The open four-post shelving mounted to the system allows room to lay art objects flat, as well as store bulky items, which augments the longevity of the artifacts.

storing artifacts and retail merchandise in the mobile systemSpecialty cabinets, also mounted on the mobile system, allow such items as costumes and clothing to be hung and kept dust-free. Drawers house small items such as beads and arrowheads, and rolled textiles are hung on racks. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

The Mobile System Also Keeps Artifacts Safe and Secure

Although many of the stored items are heavy, the mobile system’s design allows for ease of carriage movement when opening the aisles. Also, smooth carriage movement protects the items on the shelves from falling off or shifting. The system incorporates a carriage lock so that when it’s not in use, carriages can be rolled together and locked, keeping artifacts secure.

The mobile system not only provides the space savings the museum needed, but the metal shelving also eliminates off-gassing and, when the carriages are rolled together, the exposure of light and dust to the collection is virtually nonexistent.

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