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Last updated: July 09, 2019

Compact Shelving Optimizes Collection Storage

compact shelving optimizes museum collection storage spaceA distinguished museum stores and exhibits a diverse range of items that celebrate its unique cultural history. Some of the many items include glass bottles, antique toys and dolls, and even small wooden carvings. Over the years the collection has grown and flourished, but the storage area wasn’t keeping up. When the museum expanded into a new space, compact shelving was installed. The compact shelving optimized every inch of available space while keeping the museum’s collection safe and secure. 

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Problems the Museum Experienced Storing the Collection

The museum used static shelving in the old storage area. Problem was that the static shelving couldn’t accommodate the growing number of objects they were acquiring. And, increasingly, items were being housed anywhere they would fit, which didn’t offer enough protection. Even though they were doing their best to house a growing collection within limited space and using inflexible shelving, the museum resorted to layering and stacking.

How Compact Shelving Solved the Museum’s Problems

adjustable storage in the compact shelving keeps collection items of all sizes secureThese two storage methods decreased overall ease of access and posed risks to the collection. Fortunately, when the museum got the opportunity to expand, they decided to completely overhaul their storage area. In the new building, they wanted compact shelving because it would bring the storage area up to par with the rest of the museum’s exceptional collection.

With compact shelving installed in the new building, the museum was able to make use of every inch of available storage space. And because the compact shelving is extremely customizable, the museum was able to incorporate both cabinets and adjustable shelves into the system. Each item has a specific place with the shelving, and when more items come in, the museum can make adjustments.

The compact shelving is also equipped with a water diversion kit with rubber gaskets that cover the front panel gap between carriages. This is to prevent any water from leaking into the shelving while it’s in a closed position. This extra protection ensures that the museum’s priceless collection is safe from damage. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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