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Last updated: July 09, 2019

archival record & sample storage

mechanical-assist high density shelving stores oceanography materialsAn oceanography and geosciences center needed to increase their storage capacity while improving accessibility to its growing number of marine sediment samples and associated records. They also wanted better protection of valuable samples against potential damage. Installing electric and mechanical-assist mobile storage systems allowed them to store marine samples and records while improving accessibility and security. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Storage Criteria

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All core samples are split in two when they are returned to the center’s curational facility. The half that will be analyzed is inserted into high-impact styrene tubes and placed on shelving in a heated warehouse, while the remaining half is left undisturbed and placed in refrigerated archival storage.

Obtaining a high density mobile storage system that can withstand a constant temperature of 4 degrees Celsius was critical for alleviating their series space shortage that had developed in the refrigerator room.


Five storage systems (three electric and two mechanical-assist) were modified as needed to meet the center’s specialized storage requirements. electric powered high density storage racks store marine samples & recordsTwo of the electric systems, one in the refrigerator room and another adjacent to it, were fitted with customized galvanized storage racks and wire pigeonholes to hold individual storage tubes and keep them safely in place while the carriages moved. Previously, tubes were double-stacked on top of each other and vulnerable to damage along with being difficult to retrieve.

To further ensure safety of the samples, the electric carriages feature photoelectric safety sweeps and DC motors with soft-start and soft-stop controls to minimize vibration and shock.

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