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high density mobile storage reduces maintenance costs in medical libraryA library of medicine that contains 25 million items and adds 50,000 new items each year was embarking on a Federally-mandated program that would reduce construction, energy, and maintenance costs. A key part of this program was the installation of automated high density mobile storage systems, which provide a larger storage density in a smaller footprint than static storage.

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A total of 25 bays that each contained 9 electrically-operated carriages were installed in the library. Each carriage is 88” high and feature double-sided four-post shelving in 36” sections. Stationary shelving is used at the ends of the systems and as “walls” in open floor areas.

Several important safety devices were also added. A safety floor system stops all carriage movement when someone enters an aisle. A “safety sweep” also stops carriage movement if it senses an object lying on the floor. The carriages are also stopped by pressure-sensitive tape along the outside vertical edge of each carriage.compact high density mobile storage reduces maintenance costs

As a result of the installation of the electrically-powered high density mobile storage systems, the library has been able to reduce maintenance, energy, and construction costs as well as increase their storage capacity by 100%. With the dramatic increase in storage and accessibility, productivity and efficiency has also improved. The staff can now access materials quicker than they could with traditional static shelving.

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