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Filing Systems are critical to the daily function of every organization. The ability to quickly locate files and documents in your filing system determines how successful your business will be. Regulatory compliance, legal liability, and business efficiency are a few of the issues that managers face in running their organizations and filing systems. Click here to learn more about high-density mobile shelving.

Color-Coded High-Density File Shelving Systems and Services

We design and implement color-coded high-density file shelving solutions for businesses including side tab color-coded filing systems, file conversions services, color-coded high-density file shelving, barcoding and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking systems, records management consultation, imaging services, and project management services. Implementing a well designed color-coded high-density file shelving system filing system not only helps your company run smoother but reduces the risks associated with doing business.

Southwest Solutions Group Color Coded High-Density File Shelving Professionals

Our professional representatives work closely with you to understand your needs and analyze your situation. After we fully understand your requirements and goals, we will provide a proposed solution with plan drawings. We install, service, and support all of the color-coded high-density file shelving products we sell. Southwest Solutions Group was established in 1969 and has grown by attracting the best talent in the industry to best serve you, our valued customers.

Purchasing Contracts and Color Coded High-Density File Shelving Resources

We represent numerous purchasing contracts including GSA, TXMAS, Sourcewell (formerly NJPA), and numerous healthcare purchasing agreements. Whether you need help with filing supplies, filing services, active filing, inactive filing, archival filing storage, or destruction, we have the knowledge, experience, and products to deliver a color-coded high-density file shelving system based on your requirements.


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