Industrial Packing Benches Shipping Station Worktables

Industrial Pack & Ship Benches A good packing station isn’t just a worktable and necessary supplies. A haphazardly organized packing station could lead to significant inefficiencies in addition to worker injury. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one packing station solution that is ergonomic, cost-effective, highly customizable, check out these modular industrial packing benches. Click […]

Cannabis Vertical Growing Compact Storage Rack Systems

Cannabis Vertical Growing Racks With increasing amounts of legalization, cannabis is a growing industry (literally). Since marijuana requires a carefully controlled environment, you probably want to focus more on plant cultivation and less on your physical storage space. But this can be a difficult task when space is at a premium. This is especially true […]

VLMs with Dry Fire Suppression Systems for MRO Aircraft Maintenance

VLM Automated Storage with Unique Features An MRO facility for aircraft maintenance stored parts and equipment in a vertical carousel installed by Southwest Solutions Group all the way back in 1973. After 20 years of service, they decided it was time to upgrade their storage and called on SSG to install a brand new VLM […]

VLMs Upgrade Combat & Tactical Equipment Storage

With an increasing number of materials, a supplier and rebuilder of combat and tactical equipment for the U.S. Army also wanted to combat their lack of space. In addition to space, they also wanted to be able to ensure the safety and ergonomics of their workers. The ultimate goal was to make employees’ jobs more enjoyable […]

Providing ADA Compliance with High Density Mobile Systems

We’ve talked about high density shelving a lot here, but did you know that it also provides complete ADA compliance? Mobile systems not only reduce your storage footprint by half or double it in the same space, but it also ensures that none of your employees are hindered from accessing the materials they need—and for […]

Why Mobile Compact Pallet Racks Are Better For Your Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold warehouses experience some unique storage challenges. For one, operating a cold storage warehouse is incredibly expensive–but it’s not as if these warehouses can cut their energy consumption that easily, with products that need to be maintained at specific temperatures at all times. Another is labor operations, or warehouse workers themselves. Space and accessibility is […]

Specialty Motorized Vertical Carousels Offer Storage for Hard to Handle Items

Difficult to handle items like rolls of textiles, vinyl, wire spools, and print cylinders require innovative storage solutions. That’s why we offer a line of specialty motorized vertical carousels. These carousels will automate storage for heavy, awkward items while taking advantage of overhead space to save on valuable floor space. And because the specialty vertical […]

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