Providing ADA Compliance with High Density Mobile Systems

We’ve talked about high density shelving a lot here, but did you know that it also provides complete ADA compliance? Mobile systems not only reduce your storage footprint by half or double it in the same space, but it also ensures that none of your employees are hindered from accessing the materials they need—and for […]

How to Solve Your University Library’s Space Problem

University libraries do more than just loan out books. They are total resource centers for students, providing computers, meeting rooms, reference materials, makerspaces, and entertainment. The problem though is that university libraries are running out of space. Many times building expansions just aren’t possible because it would cost too much or there’s a lack of […]

The Importance of Flexibility for Modern Library Buildings

With the technological advances allowing people to have a wealth of information without leaving their home, it has been questioned whether libraries will become obsolete. This dismal prophecy has obviously failed to come true; libraries still exist all around the world, and university students still depend on them for information and study spaces. Now, libraries […]

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