How a Kanban System Can Revolutionize Your Healthcare Inventory Practices

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals deal with numerous supplies throughout the day, from IV drips to bandages, scalpels, diapers, and more. In an emergency, they can’t afford to discover that critical supplies are missing, and they certainly can’t wait around for a restocking.  An efficient and reliable healthcare inventory system is crucial to a well-functioning […]

Increase Your Bed Count With Temporary Hospital Beds

With the COVID-19 global health crisis in full swing, experts expect the demand on hospital beds to peak shortly. Fortunately, storage specialists stand ready to help you increase your bed count with temporary hospital beds. Along with allowing affordable and convenient reuse, units ship fast. So, institutions can have the essential capacity to accommodate the […]

Emergency response workstations: the COVID-19 workplace

With COVID-19 causing worldwide concern, many organizations have adopted a more flexible attitude toward work and are allowing employees to telecommute from home. Along with helping promote safe social distancing, the transition remains vital to flattening the curve. However, it has corporations questioning how to balance the new “norm” and maintain efficient productivity. Well, leading […]

Your Guide to Stainless Steel Medical Cabinets

When compared to alternatives, stainless steel medical cabinets deliver the best protection against bacteria that can live on equipment surfaces. It’s one reason why hospitals, urgent care centers, and surgical suites aim to incorporate the design into their facility space. With so many stainless steel cabinetry options out on the market, choosing the right one […]

Pull-Out Patient Room Hallway Supply Cabinets for Hospital PCU Storage

Reducing HAIs with Hallway Supply Cabinets Hospital-acquired infections are a huge risk for patients, but they are unfortunately difficult to control. In addition to general standards, each risk group or procedure may require very specific measures to prevent infection. Hospitals go to great lengths to protect their patients, but specialized storage solutions can help make […]

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