How to Use High-Density Shelving to Motivate & Attract Talent

In the competitive world of college athletics, the quality of a school’s facilities serves to reflect the quality of the teams and the university as a whole. Successful athletic programs know that functional isn’t enough anymore; a facility’s appearance is crucial both for maintaining player morale and for attracting new talent. And this isn’t just […]

Providing ADA Compliance with High Density Mobile Systems

We’ve talked about high density shelving a lot here, but did you know that it also provides complete ADA compliance? Mobile systems not only reduce your storage footprint by half or double it in the same space, but it also ensures that none of your employees are hindered from accessing the materials they need—and for […]

High Density Football Shelving | Helmet Storage for University Athletics Oklahoma

Football Equipment Shelving and Helmet Storage Saves Space Recently, Southwest Solutions Group® Athletic Storage Specialist, Steve Story, worked with Oklahoma State University’s Athletic Department to install a high density shelving system for storing football helmets. The storage system organized helmets so they can be easily retrieved and stored in less floorspace. Here is what OSU […]

Prevent the Spread of Staff Infections for Athletes with Stainless Counter Surfaces Texas Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Arkansas Tennessee

Stainless Steel Counters Help Prevent the Spread of Staph Infections in Sport Facilities The sports world has more in common with the medical community than you might think. Athletes and medical facilities both need equipment to prevent the spread of staph infections. Athletes with frequent injuries including cuts, turf burns, and blisters are susceptible to […]

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