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Last updated: August 10, 2020

Different Ways One Company is Using TZ Package Tracking Lockers

TZ Package Tracking Lockers

TZ Package Tracking Lockers are great for parcel delivery, but the lockers can be used for other things too. A large computer software company has about a dozen banks of Package Tracking Lockers installed around their campus. The company uses the lockers for two main purposes: distributing signature required mail and collecting recyclable technology, such as phones, laptops, and batteries. (view TZ Package Tracking Locker images)

Using Package Tracking Lockers for Efficient Parcel Delivery

Parcel Delivery Email NotificationThe software company has about 100 buildings on their campus. All of the packages and mail is delivered to a central location. Next, it’s sorted by building and loaded onto trucks. After that the parcels are delivered to each building.

Previously, the mail agent was required to park the truck, go into the building, locate the employee who the package is destined for, get a signature, and then leave. If the employee was not available at the time of delivery, the mail agent had to come back and attempt to deliver the parcel as many times as it took to reach the employee. (See videos see videos)

The company decided to try TZ Package Tracking Lockers and installed banks of the lockers at some of the buildings that have large volumes of packages required for delivery. The mail agents now deliver the packages to the lockers. Once the parcel is delivered, the employee receiving the package receives an email with a special password for retrieving their package whenever they want. This has decreased the amount of time and work it takes the mail agents to deliver a package. In addition, the employees are happier now because they no longer miss deliveries and can pick up their packages on their schedule.

Collecting Recyclable Technology with TZ Package Tracking LockersAnytime parcel delivery and pickup with Package Tracking Lockers

The computer software company runs a program where employees can recycle old phones, laptops, batteries and other technology. For the old process, employees would drop off the recyclables at unmanned bins across the campus. The mail team would go around campus checking the bins every day, whether there was something in the bin or not. With the Package Tracking Lockers, the employees can now go the locker’s screen, and select “recyclable”. Then, they go through a short process to choose a locker to drop the recyclable into. As soon as they are done, an email gets sent to the mail team.

With this improved process, the mail team only checks the Package Tracking Lockers for recyclables when they receive an email. This enables the mail team to be more productive because they don’t have to go to every site to check for recyclables even if there is nothing to be picked up.

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