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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections with Supply Exchange Cabinets

patient nurse server thru wall cabinet cartsIn the fight for hospital infection control, patient nurse server thru-wall cabinets and carts are a turnkey solution to help prevent hospital-acquired infections while improving efficiency for re-stocking and supply exchange operations. Watch the video above to see how it works. Click here to see more healthcare storage solutions. 

Thru-Wall Nurse Server Cabinets & Carts

Whenever a nurse or supply technician enters a patient's room to stock or re-stock supplies, there is a chance of spreading hospital-acquired infections as staff travel from room to room. Additionally, hospital millwork and cabinets often do not design solutions with healthcare professionals in mind. It can be difficult for nurses and technicians to find, retrieve, and manage stored materials, which takes valuable time away from patients and other critical tasks.

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The patient nurse servers are designed specifically to facilitate the productivity of hospital staff, allowing them to quickly and efficiently stock and re-stock supplies, linens, and medications in patient rooms. The servers are available as thru-wall cabinets or can be mounted on a mobile dolly base. The cabinet can only be opened with the associated fob, which keeps materials secure during transport and prevents theft or shrinkage.

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The thru-wall cabinets are built into the patient room wall with sliding baskets or trays that store supplies and materials. Nurses and other staff members can easily access the cabinets, pull the trays out, and stock or re-stock desired materials. The baskets can even be taken out of the cabinet and exchanged with fully-stocked baskets to save time. The cabinet and baskets are entirely configurable with adjustable sizes and compartments depending on the specific materials being stored and your hospital's workflow. Since the cabinets can be accessed from either side, there is no need to enter the patient's room during these tasks.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for patient nurse server thru-wall cabinets and carts for hospital infection control. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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