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Last updated: March 23, 2017

Prisoner restraint bench with handcuffs ensures public safety & security

prisoner restraint bench with handcuffsWith the development of the prisoner restraint bench with handcuffs, public safety officials are offered a more socially accepted solution for subduing those whose behavior poses a threat to themselves and others around them. And, now is as good a time as any for the police jail detainee restraining seat to prove it has a place within the industry. This is especially true because police continue to find themselves met by the public's disapproval when handling incidents where restraint must be enforced.

Earlier this year, in fact, one metropolitan police unit was scrutinized for the methods they used in an arrest. It involved the use of something similar to that of a body bag, but is actually a tool for aiding officers when needing to restrain individuals who appear to possibly be emotionally disturbed or mentally unstable. The fact that the incident was caught on video and later made available for public viewing online, only seemed to have a negative impact on police efforts to secure the safety of city streets. It even resulted in the device and its use being described as "dehumanizing" and "dangerous" in an article, which detailed the incident.

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The commonality of incidents like the one discussed above, just goes show that there is an increased need for correctional furniture seating such as the prisoner restraint bench with handcuffs. It serves to provide police departments with a more tolerant way of dealing with detainees brought in custody, while also ensuring the safety and security of the institution. This is proven with help from the materials it is made out of, which includes a combination of all-welded steel and high-density recycled plastic. Being crafted from such diverse materials means the police jail detainee restraining seat is gentle on the environment, yet tough enough to securely prohibit occupants from doing additional harm to themselves or others. (Visit our online store for wall-mounted prisoner seating that folds down)

Police jail detainee restraining seat features & specifications

police jail detainee restraining seatThe police jail detainee restraining seat also features a bolt together design that makes its assembly a breeze. It comes complete with all the mounted hardware needed for ease of installation. Its slats and frame are also easily wiped or rinsed when needing to be cleaned. Customizable options for its back, bench size, color and length are also available. A bar made to stretch the length of the bench is available as an alternative restraint device, as well. A choice of standard sizes ranging from three to eight feet, standard and ADA widths, plus with or without back and double sided design configurations round out the specifications for the prisoner restraint bench with handcuffs. Read other articles on innovative fold-down seating, which can be used as an alternative to the prisoner restraint bench with handcuffs.

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