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(view office filing systems images). The ability to quickly locate records and documents in your Office Filing System determines how your customers perceive your business. In addition, regulatory compliance and legal liability issues are imperative to an organization’s success. Since 1969 Southwest Solutions Group® has been helping businesses organize their records and information to improve operating efficiency and limit liability. Our team of filing professionals are knowledgeable and experienced to analyze your filing system and recommend ways to find information fast, when you need it. Whether you are looking for methods to better manage your paper based filing system, or need help converting to a paperless imaging system, we have the expertise, knowledge, products, and services to assist you.

Symptoms of Filing Systems In Need of Help?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, then you may need a filing system assessment:

  • Do you need more filing storage floor space?
  • Do you spend excessive time looking for misplaced files?
  • Do you store files offsite because you lack space onsite?
  • Do your documents and records meet the necessary file security requirements?
  • Is your office disorganized with clutter?
  • Are you understaffed?
  • Are your employees required to lift heavy file boxes or climb ladders to retrieve files?
  • Does your filing system require storage of multiple types of media?

Office Planning and Design Assistance

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