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Last updated: October 08, 2020

Adaptability makes rolling lockable shutter doors cost effective

rolling lockable shutter doorsEven with the government paperwork elimination act in effect, there are still situations where physical records must be kept. This is particularly true in judicial cases. Rolling lockable shutter doors for secure legal archival box storage shelving is the perfect solution for those instances. It is a cost-effective alternative for those wanting to transition records over to an electronic document management system, as well. This is because it can be adapted to preexisting shelves made of steel or wood, as well as counter and door openings. These rolling lockable shutter doors easily move up and down without blocking the aisle, allowing for safer operation than that of hinged doors, which swing outward into the aisle. In addition, space between the shelves is created with the help of spacers measuring 1-3/4 inches. Items hanging over the shelving's edge and door handles are also compensated for by the doors. Watch rolling lockable shutter doors in action. 

Rolling lockable shutter doors are good investment

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For secure legal archival box storage shelving of the highest quality, use rolling lockable shutter doors. In doing so, controlled access will be established at less of a financial expense than if you were to lease off-site storage patrolled by security guards. Manual operation with key lock is available at no additional cost, while motorized control choices are a bit more. However, they are still available at a price that makes these rolling lockable shutter doors for secure legal archival box storage shelving affordable and well worth investing in. The feature also makes the system more convenient to use and easier to operate. The doors come in a variety of colors, including brown, gray, ivory, sand, and white, and can be mounted to the shelving from the top or the front. 

Rolling lockable shutter doors for improved storage efficiency & productivity

ssg Tambour Security Shelving Doors Top mountWith rolling lockable shutter doors in place, confidential information and sensitive data will be stored safely and more efficiently for increased productivity. And, because they allow for secure legal archival box storage shelving to be created, the integrity of its contents will remain intact. In addition, while a breach in security is always possible, it is far less likely to happen with the installation of these rolling lockable shutter doors. This is because access is better regulated.

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