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Last updated: July 14, 2017

Even Companies that Specialize in Storage Need Help Sometimes

file cartons stored in rolling mobile storage racks provided a quick roiA company that offers off-site storage services to law offices, hospitals, financial firms, and any other business with information to store, happened to need their own storage solution. After consolidating into a new facility, the company need to improve storage density within the set space. To meet all of their needs, including a quick return on investment, the company chose rolling mobile storage racks.

Why the Company Need a New Storage System for File Cartons

Previously the company stored file cartons on steel and wooden shelving in two separate buildings. When they decided to sell both buildings and consolidate into a new three-story downtown facility, they wanted a system that would substantially improve storage density for all of the file cartons while maintaining easy access. This lead the company to choosing rolling mobile storage racks.

Greater Storage Density Makes New Facility Economically Feasible

off site storage company uses rolling mobile racks to save space and offer easy accessThe push button operated rolling mobile racks will accommodate 230,000 storage file cartons per floor, compared to 178,000 cartons on static shelving, and do it in 30% less floor space. Because clients pay the company by the file carton, the increased storage density translates into increased revenues. In fact, after installing the rolling mobile racks, the company received a complete return on their investment in 20 months.

Special Design Features of the Rolling Mobile Storage Racks

The rolling mobile storage racks was specially designed to meet the company’s file carton storage needs. The double-wide carriages range up to 85’ long, are 16’ high, and 5’ wide. Despite their large size, the system easily moves without any issues because of the rail guidance system. Also, each carriage is fitted with synchronized motors and dual access push button controls at both ends. For added convenience, the aisles are pre-set to open extra wide for easy access.

Contact Us for Rolling Mobile Storage Racks

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