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Military Weapons Rack

The most flexible military weapons security storage system available, the Spacesaver UWR® storage system maximizes armory storage space within a compact footprint.

Adjustable racks accommodate weapons of various lengths and types, and perforated doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments, while keeping weapons stored and highly secure.

Weapons Rack Storage Kits  (click here)

In order to simplify the planning and ordering process, Spacesaver has released catalog numbers for UWR weapons rack “kits.” Each kit (one catalog number) contains the cabinet and all the parts and accessories required to store the same weapon in one cabinet. These kits are available to accommodate the most popular weapons, including M4, M16, M249, M240B, M2, MK19 and M240D, in both Non-Transport or Transport configurations, in both the standard width weapons rack cabinet as well as the UWRmini weapons rack.

The flexibility of the UWRs allowed for each weapon’s optic to stay zeroed and attached to the weapon, thus saving the armorers’ time issuing the weapons. Securing the racks to moveable carriages added more value to McCollum’s solution by increasing the security and readiness of the weapons. The UWR’s were mounted onto Spacesaver’s high-density mobile and mechanical assist mobile systems, leaving less of a footprint on the building, delivering the space needed to store hundreds of weapons and equipment, and providing extra space for future storage requirements.

Optics storagsolutions for night goggles, laser aiming lights, and thermal sights were placed on 4-post shelving with bin dividers and customized doors similar to the UWR door, which was a special request from the AT Battalion.

Southwest Solutions offers a vast array of weapon storage from gun lockers, rifle cabinets, and high security racks, that meet police requirements with quick and secure access.