Understanding the Importance of Weapons Storage

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Owning a weapon is a big responsibility. While owners can use weapons for competition or self-defense, they can also cause harm if they get into the wrong hands. Being a responsible weapons owner means understanding the importance of weapon storage. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, military service member, business owner, or civilian, you should consider how to properly store your guns and other weapons. In this article, we’ll look at why it’s so critical to store your weapons, as well as what storage options are available for different kinds of weapons owners.

Proper Storage Improves Safety

Many businesses and homeowners keep weapons on their property for self-defense purposes. However, an unsecured gun can be the most significant safety risk of all. According to the Giffords Law Center, over half of gun owners store at least one gun unsafely. This lax attitude has unfortunate consequences. As the Giffords Law Center notes, it can lead to an increase in suicide and unintentional shootings among children.

Not surprisingly, safe gun storage can keep your family members safer than an unsecured gun.

Proper Storage Prevents Weapons from Being Stolen

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Gun safes and gun lockers can prevent your gun from being stolen and used in a crime. As the Giffords Law Center reports, gun theft is on the rise: an average of 380,000 guns are stolen each year in the United States. If you don’t want your gun or other weapons to end up on the streets or possibly used in a crime, keep them locked up.

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Safe Gun Storage May Be the Law

Guns cannot be sold or transferred without a safety device or secure storage. Eleven states currently impose laws related to locking or storing firearms. Massachusetts has the strictest laws, requiring gun owners to store all firearms with a lock. Make sure you understand the gun storage laws in your state so you can maintain your weapon legally.

Proper Storage of Firearms Keeps Them Organized

Importance of weapon storage secure gun lockers

Gun collectors, law enforcement offices, and military installations often need to keep a supply of firearms and weapons on the premises. The right type of secure gun storage can keep weapons organized and easy to find. When the need arises, officers and service members can quickly access their weapons to address an emergency. Larger gun storage products, like armory storage or weapons racks, may be ideal for this need.

Secure Gun Storage Keeps Weapons in Good Condition

Firearms and other weapons aren’t cheap and can represent a large budget item for some institutions. Additionally, a weapon in poor condition can be more dangerous than no weapon at all. A gun that misfires can put a police officer or service member in danger. That’s why maintaining weapons is so important. The right type of weapons storage can help protect weapons from the elements and extend their functional life.

How to Properly Store a Gun and Other Weapons

The proper storage of firearms and other weapons doesn’t have to look the same, and how you store yours will depend on your circumstances, needs, and preferences. For example, police officers may need a storage system that allows them to track access to weapons. At the same time, a business owner may prefer a storage solution that keeps a gun secure while allowing quick access. 

Trigger Locks and Cable Locks

The first layer of gun safety should be a trigger lock or cable lock. As the NRA explains, most gun manufacturers and retailers now include a locking mechanism with every gun purchase. Trigger locks and cable locks can work in different fashions, but they make it impossible for a gun to be fired. Trigger locks may prevent a gun from being loaded, while a cable lock will prevent the action on the firearm from being closed.

Of course, trigger locks and cable locks don’t keep a gun from being stolen.

Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets

According to USConcealeadCarry.com, “For the majority of gun owners, a safe is the number-one, common sense, go-to option of choice.” Weapons owners who want to keep guns out of children’s hands and prevent their guns from being stolen should consider investing in a gun safe. Individuals or institutions that need to store more than a few guns may want to consider a gun cabinet.

The price and functionality of gun safes vary. Weapons can be accessed by typing a code into a digital keypad, using a dial, or even with a biometric fingerprint, depending on the model.

Weapons Racks and Universal Police Weapons Cabinet

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Law enforcement offices, sporting goods stores, and gun dealerships may need to store various firearms and other weapons, including knives and bows and arrows. For this need, a weapons rack can store and organize many different kinds of weapons. Likewise, a police weapons cabinet is designed for a range of weapons used by law enforcement officers, including handguns, rifles, and long guns.

Armory Storage

Military institutions and larger sporting goods retailers will need to store a large number of weapons. To keep them safe but also accessible in an emergency, armory storage is the right solution. Different types of armory storage can store a range of weapons and ammunition.

RFID Storage Solutions

Secure gun safety tracking rfid cabinets

Institutions, like law enforcement offices and military bases, need to track weapons and store them. Smart tracking lockers can help these institutions know who has possession of which weapon, allowing you to monitor and manage all weapon use. RFID gun lockers, gun cabinets, and ammo cabinets all increase visibility and trackability of weapons.

The Importance of Gun Safety Is a Matter of Life and Death

Part of the responsibility of owning a weapon is implementing safe gun storage and safe weapon storage. For safety, a firearm should be stored unloaded in a safe. Consider storing the ammo in a separate locked location. 

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we believe in the importance of weapon storage, which is why we offer a broad range of weapons storage solutions. Take a look at our many different weapons storage options for collectors, business owners, police precincts, military institutions, and more, then contact us to place your order.