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The general public has all kinds of misconceptions about the role of forensic evidence in police investigations. But one thing TV often gets right is showing how difficult it is to manage property and evidence storage efficiently and accurately over the long term. It’s easy for property and evidence items to get misfiled, lost, damaged, or accidentally destroyed. Unfortunately, keeping property and evidence is just getting tougher for law enforcement when it comes to storage.

The regulations regarding how long evidence must be stored are changing. Property and evidence storage statutes of limitation are being extended for some crime categories. In many cases, evidence must be kept available even after a convicted criminal’s appeals have been exhausted. In addition, as the science of forensics evolves, more and more evidence property may be collected for each case. Since biological evidence like DNA tend to degrade at normal temperatures, refrigerated evidence storage space is at a premium as well.

gun storage-weapon shelving-gun racks-evidence lockers-austin-houston-dallasProperty and Evidence High Density Shelving

For city, state, and county law enforcement agencies that often face budget constraints, conserving storage space is the most cost-effective way to improve property and evidence room usage. Space saving high density storage shelving can dramatically increase the amount of evidence stored per square foot. High density movable shelving eliminates unused, static aisle floor space and replaces it with mobile storage shelving that actually promotes better organization. High density storage paired with our barcoding solutions can make property and evidence much easier to track, manage, and locate. Reducing lost evidence and misfiled property can mean the difference between having a conviction stick or having it overturned.

police uniform lockers, evidence locker, public safety storageLaw Enforcement Storage Solutions

Here are just a few examples of our broad selection of law enforcement storage solutions. (View our image gallery here)

• DNA evidence storage freezers and refrigerated units

• Secure weapons storage cabinets for evidence seized during investigations and for law enforcement weapons

• Property and evidence temporary storage lockers that maintain your chain of custody

• Pass through evidence lockers

• Evidence drying cabinets for blood and other biological evidence

• Law enforcement gear lockers

• Multi-media storage cabinets for audio and video evidence

Call us today at 1-800-803-1083, we will help design a property and evidence storage solution to keep your evidence safe, secure, and easy to locate.

law enforcement storage-public safety lockers-evidence storage-gun lockers-austin-houston-dallas