With the open carry law coming into effect in Texas, many businesses and government facilities now need ways to safely and efficiently store pistols and handguns in areas where weapons are prohibited. We have a wide variety of temporary pistol drop-off lockers and lockboxes that will keep patron’s handguns and small weapons locked up and secured while still allowing them to be retrieved easily.

Wall-Mounted Pistol Drop-Off Lockers

The wall-mounted pistol lockers are ideal for sally port entryways and outside government facilities such as courthouses. The lockers are available in several surface- and flush-mounted configurations with anywhere from one to ten individual compartments. Several locking options are available depending on your needs. Number identification tags are included for each door.

wall mounted pistol drop-off locker sizes

Handgun & Long Gun Lockers

These larger lockers allow you to store both handguns and long guns in the same area. The lockers are available in a combination of small and large compartments depending on what type of storage and how much of it you need. The compartments lock individually with an additional locking master door to allow access to all stored weapons. Modular construction allows you to easily add on to the lockers at any time, should your weapon storage needs grow. You can choose from keyed or combination locks. Number tags are provided on each door, and the lockers ship fully assembled and ready to use.

Pistol Drop-Off Lockboxes

The portable drop-off lockboxes allow users to secure pistols and small arms safely. The unique push-button interlock is combined with 2 keys and can also be padlocked. Three box sizes are available depending on your needs, each with custom-fitted and washable cushioned interiors to prevent movement and damage to stored contents. The lightweight and durable construction makes them easy to carry and use.

Vehicle Weapon Lockers

If a facility doesn’t offer pistol drop-off lockers, these weapons lockers go right in your trunk to provide secure, safe, and discreet storage of your handguns and long guns. The lockers are also available in sizes that can fit under your seat, dash, or in an overhead console and are nearly impossible to break into. The trunk-mounted weapon lockers also come with a remote control to provide quick access.

Contact Us for Pistol Drop-Off Lockers

Southwest Solutions Group® is here to help with all of your weapon storage needs. Pistol drop-off lockers are also available to buy online. We would also be happy to provide you with a free consultation to help you decide which storage solution is right for you, and our experienced and professional installers will assist you through the entire process. For more information or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.