truck gun storageLaw enforcement officers rely on a variety of vehicles to perform their duties, including trucks. When driving a truck, officers need a safe and secure place to store their weapons, including larger weapons, like rifles and shotguns. At Southwest Solutions, we’ve worked with law enforcement agencies across the country to improve their weapons storage, including truck gun storage.

Truck Bed Gun Safe

After a law enforcement agency asked us to design a gun case customized for their trucks, we got to work. The result is truck bed gun safes that can hold two long guns as well as ammo.

Security Is Key

police vehicle weapon storage

When transporting weapons in any type of vehicle, it is imperative to secure them so only authorized individuals can access them and remove the risk of the firearms falling into the wrong hands. Our truck gun case is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that can stand up to tough conditions.  The gun locker is also coated with Line-X to protect the locker from rust and seal out water and dust.

Most importantly, the truck bed gun safe includes a high-security, tamper-proof door with a key lock. You, the gun owner can open the truck gun rack or safe with a Bulldog Security wireless remote. These precautions will help ensure that only your officers can access the weapons in the gun storage for your truck. 

Adaptable Truck Gun Case

Our truck gun lockers are 48” long by 9” wide by 16” tall. This size allows officers to carry various long arms in the car gun safe, including assault rifles, AR7s, and shotguns. The safe can also accommodate extra ammo. 

Fast Access

truck bed gun case

Situations can change rapidly, which means your officers need to be able to access their weapons as quickly as possible in an emergency. By lowering the truck gate, officers can immediately access the door of the vehicle gun rack. The Bulldog Security remote opens the safe door with the push of a button, shaving off precious seconds.

Outfit Your Vehicle with Truck Gun Storage

For over 50 years, we’ve proudly teamed up with law enforcement agencies to help them stay organized and ready for anything. We provide everything from gun storage lockers to police gear lockers and more. We believe that well-designed weapon storage or vehicle gun rack storage can help officers operate better as they serve our communities.

Are you ready to retrofit your trucks with gun storage  beds? Our design team can help ensure that the lockers will fit your existing truck fleet, and our installation team will work fast and efficiently to implement your order. Contact us today to request a quote!