The last time most of us had an intimate relationship with a steel locker was probably in high school. Back then your locker was like your second home. If you were like me and others at my high school (Hail to the Spartans of McFarland High) you probably customized the interior of your locker with pictures from magazines and other personal items that made it a little more comforting place to hang out between classes.freestyle personal storage police locker

By the way…am I the only one that still has nightmares about forgetting my high school locker combination? Tell me I’m not…please. OK…some of us might still have the occasional affair with a gym locker. Good for you, but unless you are a total die-hard gym rat you probably don’t really feel any connection to your locker. Right?

Our brethren in the Public Safety professions, however, depend upon their lockers almost as much as they depend upon their squad car, their side arm or their flashlight. OK…maybe that’s a little over stated. I guess their locker won’t save their lives but it can save their stuff. And just maybe the right locker could make their tough jobs a little bit easier.

freestyle police gear personal lockerWhen they are at work they depend upon their locker to protect their personal belongings and when off the clock they depend upon their locker to securely store their gear. A collection of gear that, through advancements in technology, is constantly growing and evolving. Storing today’s gear in a locker designed to store yesterday’s gear isn’t going to work. Things are just evolving too quickly. Shelves and storage cubbies welded in place can’t be moved or modified to accommodate gear of different sizes and shapes. Today’s locker needs to evolve at the same pace as the changes in the collection of gear.

It was with this goal in mind that we developed the Spacesaver FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker. Unlike other personal storage systems that offer a limited range of options, FreeStyle is an all-new design with an all-new philosophy: Let the locker conform to the demands of the user. And..make it easy! Like this…

If you can’t see the video click here.

And if you are worried about forgetting your locker combination, we offer key lock options too.

Are you planning a public safety or military locker project? Visit our design resources page for helpful tools including Revit families. Let one of our local storage specialists help you out. Call us at 1-800-255-8170 or contact us here and we’ll hook you up.