Is Your Evidence and Property Storage Suspect?Police Department uses High Density Shelving for Long Term Evidence and Property Storage

Proper evidence and property storage can make or break a case. Between maintaining the chain of custody to keeping biological evidence in pristine condition, there are a lot of items that need to be organized. At Southwest Solutions Group® we have all kinds of evidence and property storage solutions that will improve efficiencies in your police department.

A Few of Our Evidence and Property Storage Solutions

High Density Shelving: organizes and stores evidence and property in half the floor space as traditional shelving. The High Density Shelving compacts together and reduces the number of access aisles required to retrieve stored evidence and property. (Read more about High Density Shelving)

Store Biological Materials in Refigerated Evidence LockersTemporary Evidence Lockers: serve as an airtight, unattended evidence drop-off system. The Temporary Evidence Lockers are specifically designed to provide an extremely secure chain of custody once evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected it, until it’s properly logged and stored in the property room. (Read more about both Pass Thru and Non-Pass Thru Lockers)

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers: will satisfy the need for controlled handling of temperature sensitive biological materials while keeping it protected from moisture, excessive heat, and sunlight. (Learn more about all the features of the Refrigerated Evidence Lockers)

Crime and Forensic Lab Casework: keeps your lab up-to-date to aid in the process of analyzing and processing evidence because frequently the forensic analysis of the evidence is vital to determining the guilt or innocence of a suspect. (Read more about our Crime and Forensic Lab Casework)Casework Furniture Helps Crime and Forensic Labs Process Evidence

Contact Us for These and More Evidence and Property Storage Solutions

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