display-storage-geology-cabinetsMuseums across the US are taking advantage of the benefits of Riker Mount Display Cases. Riker can beautifully display any item and present its value to the full extent without breaking the bank. The Riker Mount Display Cases consist of a display box and a Rikers frame that can either be mounted on the wall for display or put on top of any flat surface to showcase what is important to you. Easy to assemble, you can display your goods within minutes!  Let’s get into the product details.

The Riker Mount

The Riker Mount is a small square that comes in various sizes and is made from a high-quality press-board box accompanied by a thick white poly-fill pad. On this box comes a lid with a glass window embedded within. This ensemble ends with a complete cover made from black leatherette. Once your items are safely inserted into the box, most collections are secured with 2 or 4 pins that connect the things to the backboard of the Riker Mount. 

The Riker Frame

The Riker Frame comes in two styles: traditional and contemporary. Four finishes consist of light and dark oak, mahogany, and maple in both types. If you want to hang your displays on the wall, these frames are the go-to. The Riker Frame is straightforward when it comes to assembly. You mount your collectibles as usual, then slide the frame into place on the case, and then you will be able to mount it on the wall. The contemporary frames emphasize the object that it frames. The frame hangs either horizontally or vertically. The traditional frame is broader and shallower. This frame, too, can hang both horizontally and vertically.

Items to Display

Riker Mount Display Cases are great to showcase items such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Pins or Coins
  • Arrowhead Relics
  • Pocket Knives
  • Medals
  • Badges
  • Buttons
  • Awards
  • Cards
  • Pens
  • Insects
  • Watches
  • Swords
  • Military Items
  • Handcrafts
  • And much more!

Riker Mount Display Cases Size Examples:

  • A-Size – 3″ x 4”
  • B-Size – 6″ x 8”
  • C-Size – 8″ x 12”
  • D-Size – 12″ x 16”

All displays come with a wire stand. The small wire stand is good for the A and B-size display cases. The large wire stand is perfect for the C and D size display cases. 

Display flat file cabinetsMuseum Case Cabinets

  • In addition to the Riker Mount and Frames, there are Riker Museum Case Cabinets. Handsomely designed, these museum case cabinets are a compact, efficient, and fantastic way to display your collection. Here are the options:
  • Museum Case Cabinet 1 – This is a small museum case holding that is 6” x 8” with ribbon handles connected to mount drawers. The ribbon handles can also be used to hang items on.
  • Museum Case Cabinet 2 – This 8” x 12” has two extra mounts with six glass pull display drawers that can also be wall-mounted.

These glass-top display cases provide a great way to preserve and protect all your collectibles. Riker Cases are light and portable, making them great for tabletop display at trade shows. Contact us today for more information about these great products. We are experts in Museum Storage Cabinets.

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