Industrial Pack & Ship Benches

industrial packing benchesA good packing station isn’t just a worktable and necessary supplies. A haphazardly organized packing station could lead to significant inefficiencies in addition to worker injury. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one packing station solution that is ergonomic, cost-effective, highly customizable, check out these modular industrial packing benches. Click here to watch a video showing a variety of industrial packing bench features.

These packing benches are designed with ergonomics and productivity in mind with a wide variety of modular components allow you to assemble the benches to your needs without the high cost of customization. And since the components are all modular, you can adjust and add accessories as needed for your business’s growth.

Choose from multiple types of tabletop materials, sizes, and lengths in addition to manual, hand crank, or motor bench frames for stepless height adjustment. This allows employees to adjust the industrial packing benches to their comfort levels, which prevents injury and boosts productivity. Additionally, a clean and comfortable workstation facilitates faster and more accurate picking and makes it easier to switch between packing personnel. Lastly, as we all know, a clean environment lends to a stress-free and productive atmosphere.

Packing & Shipping Station Bench Benefitspacking picking station worktables

  • More efficient rotation of packing personnel
  • Modular design allows customization to your exact needs
  • Generous surface area and storage above for more organized work space
  • Wide range of accessories for virtually any combination
  • Sturdy and stable surface for long-lasting use
  • 50+ accessories and add-on components
  • Improves ergonomics
  • Easy to assemble, modify, and transport
  • All-in-one packing station solution

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