Beaded or Angle Post Shelves

beaded post open shelving kitsWhen you’re shopping for shelving, you’ll often notice that shelving posts are commonly specified as angle posts or beaded posts. But what exactly are the differences between angle and beaded shelving posts? Why would you choose one over the other? Read on to find out.

Shelving posts should not be an arbitrary choice and the type of posts you choose could make a huge difference in your storage. Depending on your application, here are some considerations to make when you’re in the market for shelves.

Beaded posts offer full access to the front of the shelf unlike angle posts that reduce shelf access by about 2″. If your storage is a high capacity application, you might want to consider beaded posts because the extra inches quickly add up to even more space. They also reduce assembly time with common posts between adjoining units, and the flush design allows straight-in/straight-out installation without tilting.

Angle posts are the most popular and common style and cost slightly less than beaded posts. With a stiffening offset rib, they are also designed for seismic applications—so if your storage is located in a location prone to earthquakes, you’ll probably want to go with angle posts.

Beaded Postsangle post closed shelving kits

  • Allows full use of the shelf width
  • Provides full access to the front of the shelf
  • The common posts between adjoining units reduce assembly time
  • Heavy-duty for maximum weight bearing
  • Ideal for multi-level applications such as mezzanines
  • Shelves slip in and out without tilting for faster and easier installations
  • Double-sided posts with independent shelf positioning make them ideal for posts between units
  • No dead space behind posts

Angle posts

  • Ideal for seismic applications
  • Stiffening offset rib provides extra sturdiness
  • Most common and least expensive type of posts
  • Posts are bolted together between each section
  • Reduces front shelf access

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