Many Industries Require the Use of Disposable Booties

Stay shoe cover dispensersBacteria and germs live on shoes. That’s why so many industries – laboratories, clean rooms, food processing plants, medical facilities and more – require the use of disposable booties. The problem is that it takes time and energy to manually put on the booties. Using the Stay or Fusion automatic shoe cover dispensers you can put on 4 pairs of booties in the time it takes to manually put on one pair!

Why Use Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensers

The Stay shoe cover dispensers are perfect for high volume uses and have a handle bar to offer support when putting on booties. The Fusion shoe cover dispensers work great in medium volume applications and are portable so they can be taken anywhere you need them.Fusion shoe cover dispensers

Both automatic dispensers are easy to use: the booties are dispensed by resting the ball of your foot on the metal plate and then pulling back in one continuous motion. Additional benefits include,

  • Time savings: It’s 4 times faster to use the dispenser than to manually put on the shoe covers.
  • Injury prevention: Bending over to put on shoe covers, especially while standing, puts people at risk for injuries.
  • Space savings: The dispenser replaces benches and has an extremely small footprint.
  • Easy to use: It’s easy to load and use the shoe dispensers.
  • No electricity: The dispensers work anywhere without the need to be plugged in.

Need Some Disposable Booties for Your Shoe Cover Dispensers?

There are many different kinds of plastic and fabric disposable booties, and both automatic shoe cover dispensers work with each one of them. Your particular needs will help determine which type of bootie is right for your business. For example, if you need low-cost, waterproof booties, then plastic is a great choice.  But if you’re looking for a durable bootie with traction, fabric will be a better choice. (If you need to shop for booties, visit StoreMoreStore).

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