library-furniture-productsWith the technological advances allowing people to have a wealth of information without leaving their home, it has been questioned whether libraries will become obsolete. This dismal prophecy has obviously failed to come true; libraries still exist all around the world, and university students still depend on them for information and study spaces. Now, libraries house both printed and digital information as the “hybrid library” is becoming more and more common.  While this has made libraries more accessible and convenient, it has also increased the need for libraries to be more flexible—including with their furniture.

The Changing Library Environment

Today, libraries are experiencing the development of a new service concept as a place of learning and study. They are also a place of both collaborative and self-study. Learning centers should be able to cater to different learner styles while providing continued network access to the library’s database. For example, the most effectively flexible libraries include:

  • Designated group study areas with ICT capabilities
  • Varied zones for study accommodation and social spaces
  • Training facilities and help desks
  • Computer workstations and wireless LAN laptop dock-in facilities
  • As few permanent internal walls as possible
  • Systematic zoning and re-configuration of areas as requirements change
  • Maximization of available space

The ability to do all of this at once may seem like an arduous task, but many libraries are able to accommodate all of these needs and more just by installing the right furniture.

The Modular Construction Principlelibrary-furniture-houston-beaumont-port-arthur-huntsville-galveston-alvin-baytown-lufkin-pasadena

Hybrid libraries are able to meet all the needs of library users because their modular and flexible furniture 1) easily meets a wide variety of their needs and 2) allows them to re-configure their space at the drop of a hat.

Library furniture includes study tables and carrels, computer tables, collaborative desks, circulation desks, chairs, shelving, lounges, and more. It’s easy for these types of furniture units to be customized to your exact specifications; however, “customized” doesn’t always mean “more expensive” if you choose the right furniture.  Since the 21st century library is a place of constant change, the key to the most effective, useful furniture is reusability, flexibility, portability, and adaptability in every piece. The most important factor in finding a company to design your furniture is creativity and insight along with skilled craftsmanship and an inclusion of the end-user throughout the process.

Where Can You Get Modular Library Furniture?

Do you need modular, flexible, and adaptable library furniture? Whether you need tables, desks, chairs, or shelves, Southwest Solutions Group® can help. We can provide you everything you need to know so you can order your customized library solutions without the customized price tag. You can choose and combine anything from the laminate, finish, coat, edge bands, wood type, shape, and even more exactly how you want it. To prove our commitment to you, we will even offer a free consultation to determine your exact space and budgeting needs before we begin our design process, which you will be included in for every step of the way. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today to learn more.