university library high density book storageUniversity libraries do more than just loan out books. They are total resource centers for students, providing computers, meeting rooms, reference materials, makerspaces, and entertainment. The problem though is that university libraries are running out of space.

Many times building expansions just aren’t possible because it would cost too much or there’s a lack of land area. That’s why many libraries are rethinking how they use their current space, and trying to make better use of it.

Improve Space Utilization in the Storage Area

One area where it’s easy to improve space utilization is storage. Libraries offer their students services and resources, which means they need to keep a lot of stuff on-hand. And many times, the way they are storing that stuff is inefficient. Replacing old stationary storage systems with more modern high density solutions is a cost-effective way to maximize space.

Pull-Out High Density Shelves for Library’s Media Storage

high density pull-out shelves for media storageFor example, we recently worked with a university library to improve their audio/visual storage area. The library loans out DVDs and CDs to students and has a wide selection for them to choose from. But, they were running out of space in the storage area.

Instead of adding on to the building or getting rid of the media collection, the library reached out to us for a solution that would make better use of their current space. SSG’s Craig Crock provided the library with pull-out high density shelves. The new pull-out shelves fit the same amount of CDs and DVDs in half the space of the static shelving the library was using. And there is still room to add to the collection.

Additionally, the shelves adjust. This means if the library needs to store something else in the shelves in the future, they can. Not only did the storage solution maximize space right now, but it also provided for the possibility of future growth and changes.

More Storage Solutions for Your Library

Southwest Solutions Group® provides all types of high density storage solutions for libraries including pull-out shelves, high bay mobile systems, cantilever shelving, and much more. We even offer a free consultation to determine your exact needs. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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