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Space Saving High Density Rolling Art Racks for Framed Artwork

Spacesaver high density rolling framed art racks save precious floor space while providing proper storage for framed art collection (view art storage rack image gallery).  Artwork, paintings, and historical pictures hang from both sides of wire mesh panels that roll back in forth on tracks and to conserve floor space.  The high density rolling wire mesh art panels provide ventilation to provide air circulation to protect your valuable artwork.  High density rolling art rack storage systems can store the same amount of material as stationary art racks in almost half the floor space. This means less space is required for collection storage, or you can double your storage capacity in the same area.

Space Saving High Density Sliding Art Racks

High density sliding art racks storage slide “in and out” on tracks hanging from the ceiling.  Framed artwork and other artwork hang on wire mesh type panels.  The art rack panels in the stored position nest side by side.  The wire mesh hanging art panels slide out into the access aisle so paintings and artwork can be retrieved or stored.  The High density sliding art rack panels hang on tight to collections and glides smoothly along our unique anti-vibration track for safe access. The wire mesh hanging art panels provide ventilation for proper air circulation to protect your valuable artwork.

High Density Sliding and Rolling Art Racks Will Make Your Facility More Efficient

High density rolling art racks and sliding art panels storage are great for museums, libraries, historical centers, or art galleries. Sliding art racks and rolling art panels are designed to organize, protect, and safe valuable floor space storing photographs, framed artwork, unframed artwork, and paintings.  Make your facility an efficient “green friendly” storage environment with rolling and sliding art storage racks by Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.


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