Document redaction servicesCorporations produce and accumulate many documents and files over time, many of which contain sensitive information that must remain confidential.

Document redaction service’s purpose is to clean any documents of private and confidential information and help to protect people and the businesses relating to the documents.

What Is Document Redaction?

Document Redaction Service is the process of removing text or images from a document. Another way to call this process is document sanitization.

Businesses, governments, and state agencies use document redaction services to remove private information. Identity, financial, and personal historical details are all considered confidential and might be used for ID theft from electronic documents when published.

There are two main steps in the document redaction process. The first step is to convert electronic documents into text via OCR software. Next, the OCR software then looks for patterns or private information, including information like names, social security numbers, or other requested personal data.

The second step is to review each document by one of our staff. This person verifies that the software converted the documents accurately.

For most companies, the document redaction services process must convert and redact for thousands upon thousands of documents. Projects this size are usually outsourced to a company like SSG, specializing in this project size.

Enlisting a professional document redaction service ensures the process is professional, efficient, and accurate.

How to Choose a Redaction Service

The service provider should be thorough, secure, and accurate. These are critical attributes to protect private information. The redacting process should ensure that it removes original images from what is to be published.

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