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The Oblique hanging filing system provides the easiest, most efficient way to file paper, loose documents, and any other hard to manage materials. By moving the label from the top of the hanging folder to the side, Oblique is able to make maximum use of vertical space, increasing your storage capacity by utilizing the space normally wasted above traditional filing cabinets.buy oblique folders in legal letter oversized and more online

At the same time, Oblique’s Color-Keyed Indexing™ using our E-Z View™ labeling system allows you to organize your materials using flexible indexing schemes which you design from 13 standard colors and a wide variety of indexing accessories. Together, they can provide up to four levels of indexing!

Not Just A Hanging Folder…. 

Oblique is more than a hanging folder. Oblique is the only manufacturer of hanging files in the world to warranty their product against defects for 10 full years! Manufactured from heavy duty (140#) kraft, using the finest materials, every Oblique compartment is designed to give you year after year of flawless service. Steel rivets and hooks ensure Oblique compartments will organize your materials (up to a maximum 20 lbs. per compartment) and protect them against damage while providing effective organization.

Oblique’s Unique Solutions

Last year, Oblique celebrated 40 years of continuous operation in the United States. For over four decades, we have been providing unique solutions to a wide variety of document management problems. By partnering with the best filing “systems” dealers in the country, we continue to solve the age old problems of document management and hard copy storage.

Oblique launches the first and only FULLY biodegradable hanging file system. Available in a metal hook design (Oblique), plastic hook design (Unifile), and an Executive design