Sliding Tri-File Shelving Provides Efficient Space Saving Patient File Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s installation team just finished a project installing sliding tri-file shelving in a local doctor’s office for efficient and space saving patient file storage. Tri-file shelving consists of three rows of shelving. The front shelf sections slide back and forth on tracks allowing access to the back row of stationary shelving. The sliding tri-file shelving provides patient file storage for the doctor’s office in 40% less floor space than static shelving, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Here is what the doctor’s office had to say about the sliding tri-file shelving and our installation services,Installing tri-file shelving floor tracks

“Chris Siebert was fabulous. He understands what customer service means. Chris kept us updated every step of the way with delivery and installation dates. Chris even called after the job was complete to be sure there were no problems and to confirm we knew how to contact Southwest Solutions if we had any problems.

The installation team was terrific helping us with the best location for the tri-file shelving equipment after we discovered the planned installation area was not built according to the plans.

The entire Southwest Solutions Group team was very polite and helpful, completing the job quicker than expected with little interruption to our working staff. We appreciate your team’s focus on doing a good job and making sure we were happy.”

Installing Sliding Tri-File Shelving for Doctor's OfficeDoctor’s Office, Clinic, Hospital, and Other Healthcare Storage Solutions

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Tri-File Shelving Patient File Storage Plan DrawingDesigning and Installing Tri-File Shelving for Your Doctor’s Office or Healthcare Facility

If you are interested in sliding tri-file shelving or any of our other space saving storage solutions for patient file storage in your doctor’s office or healthcare facility, just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email, and we will put you in touch with a healthcare storage expert in your area!