pharmacy-pull-out-shelvingSouthwest Solutions Group provides medication storage solutions engineered to store and dispense medications efficiently. The natural result is to improve pharmacy workflows. Our high-quality equipment is specially designed for hygiene control, improved workflows, and easy handling.

We offer a range of storage and dispensing solutions for pharmacies, hospitals, and veterinary clinics. The medication storage solutions provide superior organization and allow easy accessibility.

When dispensing medication, pharmacy professionals need to ensure the integrity of their services. They are confident that their clients take the correct prescribed medication every time. Southwest Solutions Group makes it easy for clinical staff to quickly recognize medications, ensure product quality, and reduce misidentification.

Our years of experience and research allowed us to create a solution with superior shelving and unparalleled storage, all in one unit for your medical practice. Our products streamline workflows, improve task accuracy, and boost profitability for your business.

Pharmacy Pull-Out Shelving Systems – Product Highlight

Southwest Solutions pull-out shelf systems can be freestanding gondolas, mounted on walls with stripping brackets, or installed in cupboards. We offer a complete range of versatile products to store and dispense medications efficiently.

Pull-out TrayShelf

pull-out-shelf-detailThese pull-out shelving units will store capsules, tablets, liquids, and other types of medications. These units are equipped with a pull-out tray shelf constructed of metal and operated on high-quality drawer runners. The unique polycarbonate dividers and the clear acrylic shelf front allow quick assembly and straightforward operation. Some key benefits of these pull-out tray shelves are:

  • Push Pad Opening
  • Auto-Locking
  • Adjustable Dividers
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Rotates Stock
  • Medications are fully visible

Pull-Out SlipShelf

Our pull-out SlipShelf incorporates a polyethylene slip mat base that allows dust to pass through the shelf. Like the TrayShelf, these use the same high-quality drawer runners, dividers, and shelf fronts. Some key benefits here are:

  • Improved Hygiene
  • Superior Gravity Feed
  • Dust-Free
  • Auto-Locking
  • Push Pad Opening

Additional Features

  • Pull-out Wall Unit – The pull-out Wall Unit feature offers a dispensary solution when placed into our single-sided gondola.
  • Pull-out Double-Sided – These TrayShelves or SlipShelves are utilized when installed on our double-sided gondolas.
  • Pull-out Wall Stripping – These strips allow our TrayShelves or our SlipShelves to be installed on walls in pharmacies either on a Single or Double Wall stripping.

Benefits of Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is a modern way to display medications in a pharmacy space, keeping the customer in mind. They are freestanding, either single or double-sided. Gondola shelving offers many benefits for our clients.

  1. It Saves Space. A key benefit of gondola shelving is saving space while saving money. In optimizing pharmacy workflows, one has to consider saving space. These gondola shelves are a practical solution that offers accessibility while not taking up precious office real estate.
  2. Easy to Assemble. Another benefit is that our gondola shelving is quick and easy to assemble. Our units do not require professional help, which means you will save money and time. All units are also easily adjustable.
  3. They are Cost Effective. Our gondola shelving units are lower in cost without sacrificing quality. They are low maintenance and well built, resulting in you getting many years of use.


The advantages of using our single-sided and double-sided gondola with pull-out trays are numerous. These units are safe to use, fit in almost any storage space, maximize shelf space, are customizable, easy to assemble, cost-effective, and the best solution for medication storage and dispensing. Pharmacy Shelving should allow you to take full advantage of your available space, offer improved pharmacy workflows, and provide easy access to medications. Improve patient care today by contacting us for your medication storage solution needs!