As the COVID-19 health pandemic continues to spread, our team at Southwest Solutions Group is stepping up to provide emergency response lab furnishings to our clients in the healthcare and medical space as rapidly and as urgently as possible. As emergency response equipment suppliers with 50 years of experience, we are well-positioned to meet this challenge.

Emergency Response Lab FurnishingsWhile laboratories move quickly to ramp up their COVID-19 testing and validation processes, hospitals and medical centers are working at a record-breaking pace to set up proper testing facilities. These temporary testing facilities must not only comply with government regulations, but they must also allow for efficient and streamlined testing processes.

Emergency response lab furnishings

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Such COVID-19 testing facilities and their workflows must allow for the highest number of people to be tested in the smallest amount of space possible. Otherwise, long lines and logjams will backup and delay the intake, testing, and processing cycle. As such, expediency isn’t just a nice-to-have feature but a potentially life-saving capability.

Introducing our Emergency Response Lab Furnishings Program

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Southwest Solutions Group recognizes the unprecedented urgency of this situation and has readied its Emergency Response Lab Furnishings Program to prepare and ship equipment as quickly as possible. Our modular clinical workstations and furnishings are designed for fast installation in natural disasters and emergencies. This emergency response equipment includes:

  • Rapid Response Medical Carts — Our carts enable healthcare workers to quickly store and retrieve an array of testing equipment and supplies. Specifically, our four-drawer cart with key-lock features 24″ of vertical drawer space, so it holds a large number of medical supplies. Built with ball-bearing casters, drawers open and close with ease for fast access to the supplies inside. The already-installed wheeled cart with side-bar handles includes braking capabilities, so it can stop on a dime and won’t roll away.

  • Lab Casework — Our emergency response lab furnishings are designed to fit precisely into your space. These modular, rapid-set up Lab Casework can be converted or re-configured with minimal effort for field use in a short timeframe.

  • Emergency response lab furnishingsLab Cabinets — Durable and long-lasting yet highly configurable, these metalload-bearing cabinets can be set up to fit field COVID-19 testing and processing facilities quickly. The cabinetry systems are interchangeable so that they can set up and work efficiently with one another. Despite their flexibility, the emergency response lab furnishings are heavy-duty and compliant with UFC, OSHA, and NFPA requirements.

  • Emergency Response Lab FurnishingsLab Tables — Our sturdy yet adjustable stainless-steel lab tables are designed for rapid deployment and setup. Bolted adjustment capabilities mean the lab tables can be lowered or raised accordingly and will snuggly stay in place once set. Available with and without wheels, these lab tables can be fitted with sturdy and balanced shelving uprights that won’t tip over.

  • Work Surfaces — We also offer customizable work surfaces suitable for setting up emergency lab stations such as Corona-19. These work surfaces, which are comprised of impact-resistant, epoxy resin and phenolic materials, can be rapidly special ordered to meet the size and space requirements of your field laboratory or testing facility.

  • Shelving Systems — Our stainless-steel shelving systems are entirely adjustable and reinforced so that they can hold up to 800 pounds for 36″- 54″ long shelves and up to 600 pounds for 60″-72″ long shelves. Shelving units, which come with all assembly hardware and fasteners, have fixed or wheeled options.

  • Emergency Response Lab FurnishingsFume Hoods — Our state-of-the-art, low-static fume hoods come with a deep clear interior for comfortable use by the lab technician. They allow easy conversion from VAV to CAV and are trusted for safe operation up to 60 fpm.

  • Faucets and valves — In addition to providing large emergency response lab furnishings, we also sell small-scale accessories such as faucets and valves. Choose from deck-mounted or floor-mounted faucets with four-arm or blade handles. Our faucets and self-contained valves are made of chrome-plated brass to withstand extensive use. The faucets have 8″ swivel gooseneck-styled spouts for easy access. 

  • Eyewash stations — Because the safety of your technicians remains a high priority during emergency situations, we provide rapid response eyewash stations that are field-ready. These free-standing, handle-pull units offer excellent security and protection even in quick install circumstances.

  • Sinks — As part of our emergency response lab furnishings, we offer both stainless steel and chemical-resistant epoxy sinks. The metal sinks come with a non-porous finish with coated undersides. The black epoxy sinks can withstand chemical disposal without being damaged. The center drain unit, strainer, and tailpiece are all included.

  • Lab Seating — Though ordering lab chairs may not seem like a top priority when setting up emergency testing facilities, technicians in these settings will work best when they are sitting in ergonomically sound chairs. Comfortable and highly functional, our adjustable lab chairs come in a range of styles and seatbacks. They sit on wheeled and adjustable, five-pronged stands for maximum balance and sturdiness.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, testing large swathes of the population will be a crucial step to containing the disease and “flattening the curve.” Medical and healthcare facilities looking to scale their testing capabilities in the most efficient way possible will benefit from these rapid setup emergency response lab furnishings.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides emergency response lab furnishings ready to ship for the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a dedicated staff standing by to help clients who are setting up their COVID-19 response today. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.