automated tissue block sorting

A laboratory can deal with hundreds or even thousands of processing requests on any given day. Since various fields like medicine, healthcare, and forensics depend on laboratories for tests, labs must develop an effective inventory management system. Improvement in storage symmetry allows laboratory technicians to respond to testing requests quickly and ensure the quality of experiment results.

Due to improper tracking, labs often fail to keep track of their inventory, which leads to human errors. Similarly, a lack of proper inventory management also leads to the unavailability of stock during critical times. A lack of efficient tracking and sorting mechanisms increases human errors, resulting in inaccurate results. This

is a concern where laboratories are often perplexed in deciding which solutions to integrate. Automated inventory sorting alleviates the struggles of inventory management through technology.

We are firm believers that the future of lab automation lies in portable benchtop units. Total lab automation systems are great solutions in more extensive labs. However, these systems are often too complicated and costly for smaller labs to use for smaller labs. Our portable benchtop systems implement with ease in any size lab. Our technology is affordable, easy to get up and running, and is a legitimate investment in lab automation. Our BlockTrack solution focuses on automating the sorting and filing of pathology blocks into long-term storage.

BlockTrack is an automated benchtop system that sorts and archives pathology blocks. These units can load up to fifty pathology blocks at a time into a storage magazine. Once the block storage magazine is placed into the BlockTrack device, the blocks are then scanned for barcodes to ID them for their specific unique identifiers. The scanned information archives the pathology blocks and long-term manages the block’s location.

4 Advantages of Using BlockTrack Automated Solutions

  1. Saves Time – Reduce staff time by eliminating the manual process of sorting filing pathology blocks, allowing staff to focus on higher profitable functions within the lab.
  2. Eliminate Errors – Human errors are a potential threat in any lab environment. Eliminating those errors would prevent filing errors that could cause unnecessary block retrieval delays or even result in a lost sample.
  3. Increases Storage Capacity – Filling long-term block storage boxes to capacity increases the overall storage efficiency.
  4. Improves Traceability – Our units ensure complete traceability of blocks when managing your information library, which is not feasible in a manual process.

Our mission is to provide patients with faster and more accurate diagnostics by empowering pathologists with safe, fast, and precise access to paraffin blocks. Managing Paraffin blocks effectively is a real issue in any pathology lab environment. As the number of blocks increases, it creates a challenging task to archive, trace, and remain safe when managing Paraffin blocks. Losing patient samples is an inherent risk that must be mitigated. Contact us today to join our vision of being world leaders in automating the traceability of patient samples in pathology.