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Property, Drug, Gun, and Evidence storage shelving system for a police department in North Texas. The condensed racks slide on tracks in the floor to open the aisle you need to access. This eliminates all the air space that the aisles once occupied and allows you to store more in the same warehouse. You can turn a crank or push a button to move the floating aisle and create an aisle saver storage systems. This warehouse increased storage capacity by 100% in the same floor space, and eliminated the need to add onto the existing building. Think of the construction cost savings, and think how much energy they will save by eliminating the need to heat, cool, light, and secure a larger warehouse. They used their space better and saved the city and taxpayers a lot of tax dollars. Condensed shelving and rack systems can be utilized in an office or warehouse and you can view videos at Ask about our weapons racks, evidence lockers, personal storage locker room lockers, gun boxes, Quartermaster shelves and racks, 911 Dispatch Center Furniture systems, and Crime Lab Furniture Systems.