Oc spray station e1643123426415Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) provides a spray station ideal for prisons and correctional facilities that control and handle materials like mace. Our station offers controlled distribution, storage, and removal of all types of pepper spray units. Each station comes with an internal network that allows for secure remote access. In addition to this, SSG’s spray station provides real-time updates for management. See other law enforcement solutions.

Canister Management – Canisters are weighed internally by an embedded scale that allows our software system to analyze and evaluate for either disposal or service. Our unique labeling system provides for individual canister tracking. This enables the management team to monitor usage, track quantity, and restrict access.

Multiple Size Options – Our cabinets can hold 24, 48, or 80 MK4 canisters. The size options create an intelligent storage and management solution for all the standard canister sizes utilized within correctional facilities.

Excellent Reporting System – Because the spray canisters are individually identified, our software allows monitoring of the usage, time zones of the use, email alerts, and the ability to customize control points and reports to meet the unique needs of a prison environment.

Pepper spray station e1643123514567Security and User Control – Our solutions have options when it comes to access control. User Identification options include card swipe, PIN, proximity cards, and Biometrics. Our software offers a multiple rules engine that enables the creation of unique, custom-made Dual and Triple Pin Rules. Rules allow you to designate assets that may only be issued when multi-authorized users are present.

Integrated Software – Our software serves as the backbone of our solution. The purpose of our platform is to serve as your interface to configure access, receive alerts, receive updates, and monitor usage. Alerts have the option to be sent via email or text messaging. The software is browser-based and requires no installation on the client-side. The web base browser feature allows users to manage and monitor their assets from various devices remotely.

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