mobile workstations look like office cubiclesThe cubicle: something that we all dread once we enter the workforce. It’s been made fun of more times than I can count in popular media. Why? Because the cubicle symbolizes everything that we find wrong in today’s offices.

But as a facility manager, your hands are tied. There just aren’t enough options. So you resign yourself to living with the typical office complaints, knowing there isn’t anything you can do about them.

Until now. What if we told you there was a way to solve five of the most common office complaints:

  • Not enough conference rooms
  • No privacy in workstation
  • Lack of efficient and functional adjacency planning at workplace
  • Workstation is not flexible to accommodate ergonomics
  • Not enough storage/filing space in workstation

with just one product? What is this miracle product, you ask? Mobile workstations.

Mobile workstations may look just like cubicles, but there are some very big differences. First of all, the workstations, while strong and durable, are very lightweight. In fact, it only takes one person minutes to move or set-up a workstation. Second, they’re on wheels so you can roll them anywhere in your building – or even outside. Finally, you can add to the workstations whenever you want or fold them away when you aren’t using them.

But how does that solve your complaints? Let’s break it down.

Not Enough Conference Rooms

Workers need to meet for a variety of reasons. And to do so, they usually want a private area – a conference room. But as you know, people forget to schedule the room; they take up the room way longer than planned; or they use the conference rooms for other activities and leave no space for actual meetings.

With mobile workstations, you can set up a private meeting space in minutes – anywhere in your building, and it comfortably seats up to six people. So how does it solve your problems?

  • If people forget to schedule a conference room, they can roll out a mobile workstation and still have their meeting.
  • If one group takes up the conference room for longer than their scheduled time, the second group can opt to use the mobile workstation.
  • If the conference room is booked for another event, a meeting can still be held in the mobile workstation.

Now they might not solve every problem, but mobile workstations are definitely a cost-effective way to improve your office. Because your other options are to do nothing or spend a ton of money renovating your building.

contact us and solve your office's complaints No Privacy in Workstation

This might be the biggest complaint from workers. Everyone can see what everyone is doing, all the time. And with benching systems – basically just a table and chair – people are more exposed than ever. They might actually wish for a traditional cubicle.

Mobile workstations offer something your employees desperately want: walls. The mobile workstations have walls made of acrylic, laminate, whiteboard, or tack board that will give employees the privacy they crave.

Lack of Efficient and Functional Adjacency Planning at Workplace

This is a fancy way of saying that people who need to collaborate together aren’t located near each other. But with all the changes companies make, it’s tough for you to know exactly who needs to talk to each other and when they’ll need to be next to each other. One day the marketing department might want to be near sales, and then the next day the marketing department will want to work with the developers.

Traditional cubicles can’t handle these changes. And even though you can technically relocate everyone’s workstation, it can sometimes take days or even months to plan that kind of move. Of course by the time you’re finished, everyone will want to move again.

But if they’re using mobile workstations, the employees can relocate themselves. All you’ll need to do is give approval – not facilitate the actual move. Marketing can work next to sales one month, and then the next month move their workstations near the developers.

Even within teams people can move their stations around to facilitate collaboration. It’s all because the mobile workstations are so lightweight and sit on wheels.

Although you may have to focus more on space planning to help make these changes happen, using mobile workstations is a whole lot easier than hiring professionals to break down and set-up cubicles all the time.

Workstation is Not Flexible to Accommodate Ergonomics

Ergonomics are a big deal. Poor posture all day leads to injuries, which then leads to workers’ comp claims. And even if it didn’t involve money, you don’t want your coworkers to suffer and be uncomfortable. But with the one-size-fits-all philosophy of cubicles, there’s nothing you can do to improve ergonomics.

Mobile workstations are available with adjustable desks. And employees can move the desks so that they’re high enough for standing, which studies show is very good for their health.

Not Enough Storage/Filing Space in Workstation

There’s a lot of stuff we want to store at our desks: pens, files, paper, computer parts, food, personal items, chargers, etc. And sometimes it’s really nice to have a funny comic strip or a piece of sports memorabilia; just something to make the office feel like your own space.

But if you’re operating out of a benching system or a tiny cubical, it’s hard to store everything you need to get the job done and incorporate those little touches that show off your personality.

Using mobile workstations, there are no strict limitations to the amount of filing and storage space you’re allowed. There are many different options including slot wall

s, binder holders, file cabinets, bookshelves, paper trays, overhead cabinets, and so much more.

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