Moving Shelving Systems Save Floor SpaceStorage Shelves that Move and Moving Shelving Systems Save Floor Space

Are you wondering where all the floor space went in your office? Well, it has been stolen by all the file cabinets and static shelving! They are the culprits that are keeping you from saving floor space, increasing your storage capacity, and adding new work stations. Don’t worry; you can take back your floor space with Storage Shelves that Move! These moving shelving systems will rescue your floor space and provide you with all the benefits that come with having more space.

How Do Moving Shelving Systems Work to Save Floor Space?Storage Shelves that Move and Condense on Floor Tracks

If you are wondering how moving shelving systems work, it’s fairly easy but highly effective in saving floor space. Shelving is placed on moving carriages with wheels that are attached to floor tracks. The shelving moves along the floor tracks to condense, which removes all but one or two access aisles. Because all of the shelving moves on tracks, you can open an access aisles wherever you want with just the push of a button! With Storage Shelves that Move, you will be able to save over 50% of your office floor space. (View More Photos of Moving Shelving Systems)

The Benefits of Storage Shelves that Move

Storage Shelves that Move Give You More SpaceHere are just some of the benefits of saving floor space with Storage Shelves that Move,

• Double storage capacity in the same area

• Create extra space for additional work stations

• Lease less office space and lower building operating costs

• Centralize your storage and filing area

• Receive a quick return on your investment

• Reduce new construction costs

Designing and Installing Storage Shelves that Move and Moving Shelving Systems

Our expert team will work with you throughout the process of designing and installing Storage Shelves that Move in your office. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email and we will put you in touch with your local office representative for a free space analysis.

Save Floor Space with Moving Shelving Systems