A Shifting File Cabinet System Centralizes Your Storage Area to Save Space

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Are you are running out of space in your file storage area? Are you wasting time searching through file cabinets all over the office? Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore with a shifting file cabinet system. Filing shelves that shift on rails will centralize your file storage area to save floor space. (view shifting file cabinet system photos)

What is a Shifting File Cabinet System?

The shifting file cabinet system consists of two rows of cabinets, a stationary back row and a moving front row. The front row cabinets are placed on rails so that the file cabinets will shift back and forth to give you a space saving double depth filing system. We can also add another moving row to the front to create a triple depth filing system. Depending on how many file cabinets you have and the shifting cabinet arrangement you choose, you can recapture 40% to 60% of your floor space. Because you are now getting double or triple depth storage, all your file cabinets are in one centralized area that will make locating files easier.

Filing Shelves that Shift on Rails are a Cost Effective Storage Solution

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The best part about the shifting file cabinet system is that it is very cost effective. To create this system we can easily place your existing file cabinets or stationary open shelves on the rails. Also, the shifting file cabinet system is very easy to expand or relocate if your filing needs ever change. (watch filing shelves that shift on rails video)

Designing and Installing Filing Shelves that Shift on Rails

Southwest Solutions Group’s storage and filing experts are here to help you with designing and installing filing shelves that shift on rails for your office. If you are ready for a centralized file storage area that saves space, just call 1-800-803-1083 or send an email to get in touch with the shifting file cabinet system expert in your area.

Shifting File Cabinet System Photo Gallery

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