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Automated Business Systems and Southwest Solutions Group have joined forces to now serve the Kansas and Missouri markets.    On December 1, 2010 Southwest Solutions Group, Inc. acquired Automated Business Systems to become the largest company in the USA to provide space efficient storage systems.



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Box Storage Shelving and Archival Record Box Racks provide an organized, space efficient solution to managing the archival records boxes in your organization (view box shelving image gallery). From space savings and quick and easy access, to protecting documents and the people who access them, box storage shelving can help you maximize the use of your floor space.

Spacesaver high density filing and storage shelving systems can reduce your filing or storage area by up to 66% over traditional four-drawer file cabinets and stationary shelving. (view high density shelving image gallery) The high density storage concept is based on converting traditional aisles into one or two movable aisle based on your activity level.  By eliminating unnecessary aisles in a storage or filing area you can condense materials and recoup valuable floor space for other uses.

Spacesaver high density rolling framed art racks save precious floor space while providing proper storage for framed art collection (view art storage rack image gallery).  Artwork, paintings, and historical pictures hang from both sides of wire mesh panels that roll back in forth on tracks and to conserve floor space.  The high density rolling wire mesh art panels provide ventilation to provide air circulation to protect your valuable artwork.