Kardex Remstar Automated Upright Vertical Storage Filing CabinetsKardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels Series 80, Series 90, and Series 2000

Are you tired of searching all over the office for files? Well if you are looking to improve your office filing system and create a functional organized file storage area, a great way to accomplish your goal is with Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels.  The Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels will increase filing productivity, save valuable floor space, and provide ergonomic file storage.

How Do Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels Work?Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels for file and media storage

Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels stretch up vertically to store files, converting wasted overhead airspace space into productive file storage. The Kardex Lektriever, formally named Megastar Mediastations have a series of vertically arranged revolving file shelves or file drawers that bring your files, binders, computer media, or supplies to you at an ergonomically situated work counter. The Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels can be controlled by either an electronic keypad, or interfaced with your records management software system.

Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels Conserve Floor Space and Increase Productivity

The Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels are equipped with 2,700 linear inches of letter-sized filing space. Basically, this means that the system has the same storage capacity as about 27 file cabinets; however, the Lektriever uses 80% less floor space. The easy to use carousel will improve your filing productivity by up to 56% because everything is brought to you at an ergonomic work counter.RevitArchitectural Revit Models

Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels are Ergonomic and ADA Compliant

Ergonomic file storage with Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical CarouselsThe Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending, and lifting, and is easy to operate regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility. The Lektriever’s ergonomic design and operation are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), OSHA regulations, as well as the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) for forward and side reach, clearance under the work counter, and control accessibility guidelines. The Kardex Remstar Lektriever’s roll-out file drawers can be accessed with less than five pounds of force, and the ADA fixed seating posting board allows easy, natural access to retrieve stored files or other materials.

Benefits of Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels

• Improves worker productivity up to 56% by increasing file transactions compared to other filing equipment and cabinets

• Saves valuable floor space by up to 80%Design Plan Install Service and Parts for Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels

• Improves employee morale and customer service

• Reduces costs associated with retrieving and storing files

• Meets ADA Accessibility guidelines

• Has locking doors to secure files

Professional Services for Your Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels

Southwest Solutions Group® provides professional services including planning, layout, installation, relocations, and ongoing maintenance for Kardex Remstar Lektriever Vertical Carousels Series 90, 80, 2000. Email us or give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with one of our Kardex Lektriever experts.